About us

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Tempest Ltd. was founded in 1990 and dealt strictly with construction, interior decorating and furnishing of buildings until 1995.

Within those activities the company also periodically applied the diamond technique for cutting and drilling reinforced concrete.

The need for intensifying activities in the field of diamond cutting and drilling of reinforced concrete, rock, bricks and similar materials appeared over time, so in 1996, it became the main acitivy of the company, including controlled demolition of buildings or parts (walls, plates, pillars, beams).

We are continuously investing in the development of our business, not only the equipment, but also the education of our employees, so we are free to say that we have adequate equipment and experienced employees at our disposal and that we are able to carry out the most demanding tasks in the removal of ferroconcrete buildings or their parts.

In certain cases we also took up tasks in which other activities added on the cutting and drilling of concrete (construction of machine foundations, montage of crane tracks, mounting of joinery and locksmithery items into pre-cut slots).

Despite that, we don't distinguish between small and big tasks – we carry out even the smallest tasks with full seriousness, responsibility and application of all safeguard measures regarding safety and prevention of possible damage to any property we are working on.